Dil Hai Tumhara Songs

There are many Bollywood movies released every year. The most characteristic quality of Bollywood films are their songs. In every Bollywood movie you will find number of songs with different style of dance. Bollywood is one of the biggest industries in India and entire world it has given many memorable and good movies to the world and country. Dil hai tumhara movie is released in year 2002. Arjun Rampal, Jimmy Shergill, Priety Zinta, Pekha, Mahima Chowdry in the lead role. There are number of beautiful songs in this movie that have become a huge success the title track Dil hai tumhara is the best song from the album with the music of very famous music director Nadeem and Shravan. Dil Hai Tumhara Songs are available on number of websites and are also available in the compact disk format in many music stores. You can download the songs of this movie from any of the website and enjoy the light and very calm music. You will definitely like the songs as they are sung with lot of care. Lyrics of the songs are also very nice and they have very genuine meaning. They will definitely touch your heart and you will like to mummer these songs when you are in good mood. Most of the Bollywood movies are hard core love stories with virtual happy ending without any problem. Songs of the movies are made according to the situation of the film and there are many songs that are liked by many of the people some songs are very decent with decent lyrics and slow music. Some of the songs are very vulgar and with hard or fast music. Dil hai tumahara song is the best song in the movie and has got large number of applause for the success. Its music was mind blowing no one is able to restrict them to murmur the song once they have heard it. Dil Hai Tumhara Songs were more successful than the movie. Title track has reached the chartbuster position and film was not so good as it was very slow and there is no any basic lesson from the film that it should be watched by the people. If you do not have the title track of the movie than you should download it from any of the website and include it in your music library. You will definitely like to hear the song at some point of time.

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