Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil Title Song Lyrics

Bollywood"s applauded music board; Lalit Sen has wrote a heart-ripping score of Star Plus modern love adventure story, “Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil title song lyrics”. This song, sung through R Sharma or Krishnan N, it is the small track for the serial. Famous lyricist, N Arzoo, has composed the lyrics for the track. It is the best lyrics that give full entertainment everybody.
KDMHMD is the story for promises or an indefinite love that exceeds all limits. It is adjust against a Punjabi family background. It is a story for two friends B Maan or Lalit J who live on Ambala. The predict they create on each other and the promise that decides the luck of their child Heer or Prem. Substituting the timeless loving story, KZK, “Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil title song lyrics” is setting to delight the audience on its young romantic story. The display is establishing on hard family values, interaction on family relations or a love and blossoms contempt all odds.
Remained tuned is finding the innocent romantic story for Prem or Heer on KDMHMD. It is begging March 3, on Mon-Thursday, at 8.30pm, just see on Star Plus. The story is almost two friends B Maan or Lalit J who applied to stay united on Ambala-Punjab. It is about their child Heer or Prem who descent in love. Twenty years past, Lalit later loss his first partner Shipra weds Gayatri or goes to United Kingdom to want settle. Earlier leaving of UK Lalit ensures Balraj and he will acquire Prem marry with his daughter. After last 20 years, Balraj or his wife Teji lonely on two daughters are waiting of Lalit on come back or take Heer like daughter– in–law.
Balaji's most famous shows, KDMHMD are winding-up the story on the display takes off-air to become replacing by a various show with Star Plus. Even though characters for Heer played through Additi Gupta or Prem presented by Harshad C are completely popular on audience, all-time few TRPs have accepted a toll with the run for the serial. An authentic source for the sets modifies that, the serial is a process for winding up the story on a happy finishing. So that a production theatre has decided on reveal all loopholes among the story for Heer or Prem. For that, setting all thing straight or on the another hand, Juneja society will finally recognize about culprit V (Yuvraj Malhotra) or that he is on their actual enemy or was deceiving family just now. Hence, the Juneja category will hold revenge with him. The lyric “Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil” is so amusing and romantic that gives you full entertainment.

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